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The new GRS Bipod is perfect for all types of shooting. It is built around a rugged design, is simple and functional to operate, and is also fitted to the GRS spigot with tighter tolerances than you would normally find in a spigot mounted bipod.


Height adjustable from 8.66 in to 12.4 in (220 mm to 315 mm) measured from the center of the spigot to the ground - in 0.39 in (10 mm) increments. It can be used either in a top mounted manner where the rifle hangs underneath - or it can be mounted in a conventional way, from a spigot mounted in the forend underneath the barrel.

The feet flip around and you can choose the position depending on shooting situation or support surface - with claws on one side and a smooth surface on the other. Every function is easily adjusted with spring loaded buttons – it is also easily adjustable from behind the gun - effortlessly!

Rotation can also be locked down when you have finished leveling the rifle. The GRS Bipod is something we wanted to do for some time now, and after testing it thoroughly we have found it to be a very sturdy platform for long range and precision work, so it turned out to be another nice addition to our product portfolio.

The GRS bipod requires the use of a GRS spigot. The reason is that there are many different spigots out there that varies in length and dimensions of locking grooves and locking pins, so we chose to make a dedicated fit over a - to us - inferior ''universal fit''. 

Please Note

Spigot adaptor on the rifle is extra

Please add £94.99

Due December 2020

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